Psilocybin microdosing Mushroom capsules for sale online in California USA

Where To Buy Microdoses In The USA

If you’re in Canada , buying microdoses is a breeze… But what about if you are in the USA ?

Well… Things get a little sticky…

Buy microdose capsules online usa

Why It Is Easy To Buy In Canada , But NOT in The USa…

There’s a pretty cool thing happening in Canada… Psilocybin is on the up and up… It is next on the chopping block for legalization.

Similar to Cannabis, which was legalized back in 2018, Psilocybin has become a grey area… Because here’s the cool thing about Cannabis legalization.

Pretty much, the 5 years leading up to the government fully embracing Cannabis, all sorts of “pot shops” started popping up… Some were in a grey area of legalization… And some just slipped through the cracks and operated illegally…

Well part of all this, is that the government turned a blind eye. They did this for two reasons:

We ship and deliver within USA

1. They didnt have the resources and time to constantly bust all these shops, and fight them in court… There were bigger fish to fry…

Microdose capsules for sale USA

2. They WANTED this to happen, as it began the momentum towards legalization. Shops were popping up in every major city, and cannabis lost a lot of its taboo stigmas. This meant when the government rolled out the legislation to legalize cannabis, the majority of people were already warmed up to the idea…

Well the same thing is happening with psilocybin and microdosing. I imagine within the next 5 years (10 years max) we will see legal mushrooms in Canada. Until then… We continue to wait and work in the “grey” shadows…

So… What About The USA…?

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Well the USA is a whole other can of worms… I mean they STARTED the war on drugs… Not to mention even cannabis is still federally illegal!

My guess is we are decades away from fully legal mushrooms in the USA… But that being said, I think medical assisted therapies with psilocybin macrodoses and microdoses are going to become legally supported.

I mean these kinds of therapies are ALREADY happening… Both legally and illegally… The verdict is IN and mushrooms are SAFE and VERY effective for anxiety, depression and PTSD. There is no denying it… So the government is going to have to give in pretty soon. But first they are likely finding clever ways to ensure that “they” are in control…

So… All that being said. Legal microdoses that you can just buy online or go pick up at a “shroom shop” are a LONG ways away in the USA…

But why don’t yah Come up to Canada though, eh..?

The Online Microdosing World Is BLOWING Up!

The cool thing is if you are in Canada, you can EASILY buy microdoses (and even WHOLE mushrooms) online… But what about in the USA?

Well… It is a whole different world in the USA. I know of several people selling microdoses offline… But usually they do so through word of mouth NOT through an online website.

The websites that do sell mushrooms online… Are often scams.

So, Where To Find Microdoses In The USA…

So if you live in the USA, where can you find a bag of high quality microdoses…?

Well it is tough. Community is a good bet… If you can find, or if you are connected to, a spiritual community there’s a good chance you can find a friend (or a friend of a friend) who sells microdoses. Or at the very least, someone who sells psilocybin…

The cool thing is, if you can find a reliable and clean source of mushrooms, you can easily make your own microdoses,

UPDATE: We have recently discovered an amazing USA company based out of California. They have reputable and high quality products. You can find their mushroom products below…

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Naturally with the rise of interest in psilocybin, psychedelics and microdosing… There are is a whole community of spammers and scammers popping up…

Be careful! These people commonly promise to send you product for a high price, and never deliver. They take the money and run… And within a few months their Facebook or Instagram page mysteriously “disappears”…

If you meet someone online and you are considering purchasing from them… Do some research. Make conversation with them, check out their page… Watch out for red flags like:

  • Poor english
  • Poor social skills
  • Pushy or trying to co-erce you into buying from them 
  • Unfriendliness
  • No photos of their face
  • A ton of photos of psychedelics / growing mushrooms / mushroom capsules on their pages

What About All These Online Microdose Websites…?

Buy pure psilocybin microdosing capsules online California USA

So there is a TON of legitimate microdosing websites that sell some pretty awesome products… But they are all based in Canada!

And they are generally not willing to ship to the USA (For obvious reasons…). Even on our website, we do not have an option for USA shipments at check out. 

I mean it is illegal after all…

The thing is some ARE willing to ship, but they put all the liability on the person buying the product, and ship them in the regular microdosing packages… Which means if the package is open and inspected, it will say “psilocybin” RIGHT on it.

On the other hand, we have heard of people covertly shipping them with other labels to ensure privacy and safety.

So What To Do…? 

Microdose capsules delivery near me:magic mushroom

You can always try contacting microdose companies in Canada or in other countries and inquire about international orders. I mean it can’t hurt to ask a few questions! See if they are willing to ship discreetly and make sure you can track the package. Consider using a slightly different name for your shipment.

Otherwise, try to find a local source of psilocybin or microdoses. Connect with community, reach out to family and friends… Mushrooms do not have the same stigma they once have and many people are open to microdosing now!

We have recently discovered an amazing USA company based out of California. They have reputable and high quality products. You can find their mushroom products below…

Please use Coupon Code MAJIKALHEALING for 15% off every single time you order (Save this coupon code for future use!)

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