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Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual (unnoticeable) amounts of a psychedelic substance. Magic mushroom powder capsules are the most convenient way to microdose. Mushroom capsules make it easy to be super consistent in your microdosing regimen. For individuals interested in maintaining a consistent microdosing routine, it’s advantageous to buy magic mushrooms in the form of powder capsules, ensuring a hassle-free and precise way to experience the benefits of sub-perceptual doses.

Many individuals who have integrated microdosing psilocybin mushrooms into their weekly routine report higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills, as well as reduced anxiety, stress, and even depression. Microdosing can be used as a form of therapy, and/or to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing and connectedness.

What are you looking for in your Psilocybin?

Q: What is Microdosing?

A: Microdosing magic mushrooms refers to the practise of taking tiny (sub-perceptive or unnoticeable) amounts of psilocybin.

Q: Why Microdose Magic Mushrooms?

A: The purpose is to enhance your day-to-day existence. Scientific evidence backed up by people’s anecdotal evidence report many positive results: elevating mood, increasing energy, focus and cognition, decreasing insecurities, anxiety, depression and stress. It has also been shown to improve medical outcomes including those associated with cluster headaches, migraines and menstrual complaints.  Psychedelic science is growing more confident that microdosing with psilocybin can have enormous medicinal benefits with hardly any side effects or risks.

Q: Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive?

A: No, in-fact they are quite the opposite. Magic mushrooms are being prescribed by therapists as a tool to help people overcome addictive behaviour like smoking, alcohol consumption and other drug dependencies.

Q: What Microdosing Schedule Should I Follow?

A: There are two schools of thought here but the shared goal is the same: avoid building up a tolerance to the ‘shrooms using one of these two strategies. Dr. James Faidman (the scientist that popularised the concept and is credited as the initiator of scientific research on microdosing) Fadiman’s protocol: take a microdose once every three days.  Faidman also recommends taking notes in a journal or just observe how you feel throughout the day. Especially observe the effects on your off days ie day 2 and 3, as many people report increased feelings of flow, creativity and energy on your days off from taking the microdose. Paul Stamets (one of the most reputable and decorated mycologists in the world)

Stamets’ Protocoltake a microdose every day for four days, then taking three days off (e.g. take a microdose on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and none on Fri, Sat, Sun. Repeat.) Stamets also recommends adding additional supplements to increase the neurogenesis benefits of mushrooms; this is often referred to as the ‘Stamets Stack’.  It features psilocybin alongside Lions Mane, and a B vitamin called niacin. We sell his microdosing formula here:

Q: Why the complicated protocol, why can’t I take a tablet everyday like other medications?

A: Basically, taking days off from microdosing can help maintain your sensitivity to the ‘shrooms and prevent your body from building up a tolerance. The way this works gets pretty complex, but researchers have found that taking psilocybin too often can decrease the sensitivity of the serotonin 5-HT2B receptors to psilocybin. In fact, general thoughts on vitamins and supplements are that you should cycle them periodically rather than follow the protocol indefinitely.

Q: What time of day should I take it?

A: Morning time is the best time to take it and enjoy the benefits throughout the day.

Q: What amount of Psilocybin should I take in a microdose?

A: There’s no easy answer to this one. Why not? Because everyone’s body is different! Factors as simple as your height and as complex as your individual biochemistry mean that people will respond differently to the very same dose. That being said, many people do great with a psilocybin microdose of 0.15-0.3 grams.

Generally, larger people require a larger dose. You can always increase your dose to 0.5-1 gram later, after spending a few weeks getting orientated with what a beginners microdose feels like.

Q: Can I take other medications?

A:  You can continue on any medications you are currently taking. The list of medications and supplements that people report to be taking without incident is here. Because microdosing involves such minuscule amounts of psilocybin, the evidence so far suggests they do not interfere with the effects of other medications or vice versa.

Q: Who shouldn’t microdose?

A: Some people with colour-blindness report lasting visual distortions and anyone with a history of psychotic disorders is also advised not to microdose.

Q: What if I am pregnant?

A: This is no scientific evidence or research done on microdosing and women who are pregnant. We recommend talking to your doctor before taking a microdose of psilocybin.

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Psilocybin mushrooms have experienced quite the resurgence in modern times. In just a few years they’ve changed the lives of thousands of people, shifted the course of the therapy industry, and ignited new fields of research.

And one of the very most exciting shrooms of all is something called Penis Envy! Keep reading to learn more about Penis Envy — and what this high-powered shroom means to our mushroom dispensary.

  • Penis Envy Mushrooms 101
  • What Is Magic?
  • A Weird Benefit That Almost All Psychedelic Users Experience
  • Is Magnetism Actually Scientific?
  • Use Psychedelics, Get What You Want?
  • Where Can I Find Penis Envy Mushrooms?
  • 3 Ways to Enjoy Penis Envy
  • Penis Envy Mushrooms: What to Expect!
  • Why Buy Penis Envy from Our Mushroom Dispensary?
  • What Dispensary Customers Say About Penis Envy
  • Penis Envy: Your New Favourite Shroom?

Penis Envy Mushrooms 101

First thing’s first: what are Penis Envy mushrooms?

To put things super simply, they’re one of the strongest varieties of psilocybe cubensis on the planet. In addition to being uncannily strong, Penis Envy shrooms do indeed look uncannily like their namesake sexual organ!

Penis Envy mushrooms provide a dimension-shifting, demon-cleansing trip that’s capable of exciting even the most seasoned psychonauts. We’ll kick off this article by looking at one of Penis Envy’s least-talked-about benefits: its ability to make life more magical!

What Is Magic?

According to Britannica, magic is a conceptual thing:

“Magic: a concept used to describe a mode of rationality or way of thinking that looks to invisible forces to influence events, effect change in material conditions, or present the illusion of change. Within the Western tradition, this way of thinking is distinct from religious or scientific modes; however, such distinctions and even the definition of magic are subject to wide debate.” [1]

Magic basically revolves around doing whatever’s needed to change one’s belief system. Once your belief system has changed, the thinking goes, you can begin to use mental power to affect the physical world.

The term ‘magic’ is often used imprecisely; many times it’s applied to anything that seems unlikely or hard to understand. We might say that basketball player XYZ is having a magical season, or that supplement ABC works like magic.

In this imprecise sense, there’s definitely something magical going on with Penis Envy mushrooms. Researchers from across the globe are connecting the use of psychedelic shrooms to reductions in cigarette use, depression, and violent crime. [2][3].

Sounds pretty magical, right? It definitely does to us. But there could be something deeper going on behind the scenes — something that fits the true definition of the term.

From a philosophical perspective, magic mushrooms offer something that’s truly magical: the opportunity to break free from the egoic illusion of oneself.

Responsible psychedelic use can help unchain a person from false beliefs about who they need to be…and trade these beliefs for more helpful beliefs that make room for the magical and the unseen. More on what this looks like coming up next.

A Weird Benefit That Almost All Psychedelic Users Experience

A 2006 study by Roland Griffiths of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reported that over 60% of its participants had a “complete mystical experience” following psilocybin use. This study remains one of the most reputable of its kind, largely because it included an active control group that didn’t take any psychedelics. [4]

Here’s the really interesting thing: the mental and spiritual shifts psychedelics cause can be long-lasting, even though psilocybin gets processed out of the brain within a short period of time. Some psychonauts call this longer period an ‘afterglow.’

And in the afterglow, good things seem to happen. Writers might find that their next novel idea flows out of their fingers with less inhibition; musicians might hear a new riff for their next song.

According to Joe Rogan and other psychedelic + sports enthusiasts, even MMA fighters can benefit from shrooms. Fighters report finding their proprioceptive abilities enhanced, making it easier for them to intuit the moves of an opponent. (All you athletes out there should stick with microdosing if you’re using a strain as potent as Penis Envy.) Regardless of which field of work or sports or study you find yourself in, psychedelics seem to help one find a natural, graceful flow from one moment to the next.

What makes a single short-lived substance capable of creating such lasting change, across such diverse groups? It might have something to do with the body’s magnetic field.

Is Magnetism Actually Scientific?

“In addition to the chemical body, there exists an electromagnetic body, and in my opinion, it plays a role of equal or possibly greater importance. It represents an unknown territory in our bodies that now lies within the reach of modern science. Having moved from the realms of mystical experience, science fiction, or pure speculation, it is becoming an important area of basic scientific research in biology and medicine.”

– Professor Changlin Zhang [5]

Psilocybin shrooms are powered by two primary alkaloids: psilocybin and psilocin. Some mushroom species also contain additional alkaloids, including baeocystin and norbaeocystin.

Once ingested these substances serve as prodrugs that soon bind to the most psychedelic serotonin receptor in the human brain: the serotonin 2A receptor. The brain’s serotonin levels build steadily throughout this activation process until they reach a tipping point where ‘normal’ reality gets more and more distorted. Users report alternating between relaxed, euphoric, and deeply anxious; they might see optical illusions or sense the aliveness of inanimate objects. [6]

Whether or not a trip feels magical depends on a person’s mental state going into the experience. As psychiatrist Humphry Osmond once wrote, “to fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic” — meaning the experience can go either way.

Why do we mention all this? Because it has everything to do with magnetism! According to physicist Changlin Zhang (hint: we quoted him earlier), the invisible electromagnetic body is of greater importance than the visible, physical one.

The electromagnetic body is also much more fluid than the physical/chemical one. In a loving state, it can expand; in a fearful state, it can contract. A growing number of other physicists and biochemists agree with Changlin’s viewpoints. Here’s one more excerpt from Zhang’s book, The Invisible Rainbow:

“The electromagnetic body is much more complicated and dynamic than the chemical one. If we were able to see it, it would appear completely different to the visible chemical body. […] Around the body we would discern the aura, as described in ancient beliefs.” [7]

Is it any coincidence that the same ancient cultures that spoke of a person’s aura also spoke of psychedelics? We don’t think so. Far from opening up one’s mere imagination, psychedelics may open up a world of electromagnetic energy that was actually there all along!

Could it be that magic mushrooms are a spiritual tool that helps one fully open their eyes and see this other layer of reality? Possibly. While we still have a lot to learn, maybe magic isn’t so incompatible with modern science after all….

Use Psychedelics, Get What You Want?

Modern psychedelics use, however magical it might be, doesn’t often come with spells or incantations involved — but that’s totally okay. That’s because there’s an even better way to invoke the unseen world: radical positivity.

Focusing on positivity within the ‘afterglow’ of a Penis Envy trip might be especially powerful. Consider jotting down your important thoughts in a journal during this timeframe. Even better, read out any notable thoughts or realizations out loud. The ancients put a surprising amount of intention into keeping their spoken words on the positive side…as we all know by now, they were onto something in more ways than one!

3 Ways to Enjoy Penis Envy

Penis Envy is one of the most popular psilocybin strains out there. Here are three easy ways to enjoy its intensity and upliftment for yourself!

Classic Penis Envy

First things first — if you want to experience what this strain is all about, consider the classic Penis Envy strain.

This magic mushroom grows slowly, giving the strain ample time to produce large, psilocybin-rich fruits.

What to expect from our dispensary’s Classic Penis Envy strain

Customers who try our mushroom dispensary’s Classic Penis Envy strain report pure euphoria, uncontrollable joy, hysterical laughter, ‘opened up’ perception, hallucinations, synesthesia (crossed senses), fractal surfing, and shamanic-level interactions with spiritual entities of varying vibes. Fun stuff, to be sure, but also not stuff to be taken lightly!

Albino Penis Envy

Known as APE for short, Albino Penis Envy is a simply legendary strain. APE is a 50/50 hybrid of classic Penis Envy and PF Albino. The end result? A new, novel, powerful, and extremely potent strain.

APE is said to have been created by Terence McKenna and Steven Pollock. Regardless of exactly how it got here, we think you’ll like where it takes you! APE’s optical qualities are pretty dang cool, too. Its short stems and big bulbous caps aren’t exactly easy to forget about.

Texas Penis Envy

Texas Penis Envy (TPE for short) is a perfect blend of classic Penis Envy and Texas Cubensis. This PE variety has a thick shaft, big cap, and darker brown colour.

Texas Penis Envy isn’t normally quite as potent as regular Penis Envy, but don’t take it lightly. TPE is still plenty strong enough to propel you into realms of fractal surfing, synesthesia, and more.

Stick to the following doses for best results.

  • * Penis Envy microdose:                     0.25 gram
  • * Penis Envy low dose:                        0.25-0.75 gram
  • * Penis Envy medium dose:                 1-1.5 grams
  • * Penis Envy high dose:                       1.5-3 grams
  • * Penis Envy ultra-high dose: 3-5 grams

Penis Envy Mushrooms: What to Expect!

So . . . what should you expect from Penis Envy? We need more research to fully quantify Penis Envy’s effects. In the meantime we can make some helpful inferences from the psilocybin research we have available. Penis Envy mushrooms may be helpful for people with anxiety, unrest, and depression — as well as those who need a general neural rewiring!

Pair your expectations with some preparation time and you can’t go wrong. Dial in your set and setting before enjoying Penis Envy. Plan out your playlists and activities beforehand, too. Check out our Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Mushroom Trip to ensure your next Penis Envy trip is truly perfect.

What Dispensary Customers Say About Penis Envy

One happy customer describes Penis Envy as “very strong” before getting into some important therapeutic considerations:

“Wonderful experience, very strong. We took 3g each and it only took 5 to 10 minutes until we felt it. We set intentions and created our home with warm lights and lots of coziness. At times I was tired and only wanted to curl up and go internal, then I got spurts of energy, wanted to walk (or roll :D) around and do Yoga. The colours, sound and vivid images were beyond fascinating and I can say that for 3-4 hours I was in a constant state of bliss. I think the Penis Envy is perfect to dive deep – although mostly just fascinated by the experience itself, I did get some good lessons. I also had very strong flashbacks to my Ayahuasca experience 8 years ago and felt it had a lot of similarities.



Spore Wellness Microdosing Mushroom Capsules – The Micro Bundle (Cognitive, Energy, & Immune)

Spore Wellness The Micro Bundle gives you an opportunity to try all the blends in the Spore Wellness Microdosing Mushroom Capsule product line.

The Micro Bundle includes Spore Wellness Cognitive (SWC), Energy (SWE), and Immune (SWI). Each formulation is intended to help with your intended goals whether it’s achieving zen in your life, higher performance or simply feeling better.

Spore Wellness is our #1 top selling microdosing mushrooms brand.

Each bottle contains 25 capsules (500mg per capsule). Vegan and gluten free.

Benefits of Microdosing: Non-psychoactive, Improved mood, Increased creativity, Improved focus, Improved energy, Improved memory, and Self-efficacy.

Learn about each one of the Spore Wellness blends here:

Spore Wellness Cognitive – Recommend Use: Promotes mental clarity, focus and memory.

Spore Wellness Energy – Recommended Use: Promotes & supports daily energy levels.

Spore Wellness Immune – Recommend Use: Promotes & supports immune system health.

Spore Wellness The Micro Bundle gives you an opportunity to try all the blends in the Spore Wellness Microdosing Mushroom Capsule product line.

The Micro Bundle includes Spore Wellness Cognitive (SWC), Energy (SWE), and Immune (SWI). Each formulation is intended to help with your intended goals whether it’s achieving zen in your life, higher performance or simply feeling better.

Spore Wellness is our #1 top selling microdosing mushrooms brand.


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Microdosing is all the rage right now. Whether you’re new to psychedelic shrooms or already deep into psychonautica, microdosing presents a way to get the best of both worlds: heightened fun and heightened creativity!

Even the Harvard Health blog is talking about microdosing’s popularity. “Many people share the idea that microdosing with psychedelics enhances one’s mood, creativity, concentration, productivity, and ability to empathize with others.”

And that’s just scratching the surface. If you want to learn more about microdosing mushrooms in Canada, this article is for you. In it we’ll be covering 11 important points, ranging from the history of the microdose to the best microdose blends available today!

  • 1. Humans have probably been microdosing for . . . a long time.
  • 2. Microdosing psychedelics is backed by over 50 years of research
  • 3. Microdosing just keeps getting better
  • 4. Psilocybin can be ‘stacked’ with other nootropics
  • 5. Microdosing is tied to all sorts of health benefits
  • 6. Microdosing may have anti-addiction properties
  • 7. People microdose mushrooms for all sorts of reasons
  • 8. Microdosing can have some [mild!] side effects
  • 9. Microdosing could be as effective as macrodosing
  • 10. Medical professionals are becoming more accepting of microdosing
  • 11. Different microdose blends can affect you differently

1. Humans have probably been microdosing for . . . a long time

Most people reading this are probably familiar with the standard theory of evolution . . . but have you heard of the ‘stoned ape’ theory?

Created by Terence McKenna, the stoned ape theory posits that psychedelics were the catalyst that caused us to evolve into fully-fledged homo sapiens, or humans. While this might sound far-fetched at first, it’s not implausible to think that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have lived in close proximity to the psilocybin-rich mushrooms that often grow on cattle dung.

And while you might think that our distant ancestors prioritized macro-dosing their mushrooms, this probably wasn’t always the case. Small amounts of shrooms tend to increase coordination, vision, and proprioception much more than large amounts. These very same qualities are among the most crucial when it comes to ensuring a successful hunt. Our ancestors may very well have learned to hone in on these smaller ‘performance-enhancing’ microdoses over time.

2. Microdosing psychedelics is backed by over 50 years of research

Fasting forward to more modern times, a 1970 study was among the first to show that psilocybin microdosing could improve vision. This same research also uncovered a potential link between microdosing and better mental health.

Psilocybing microdosing, however, doesn’t have quite as much research behind it as LSD microdosing. The latter field of research got its start under Dr. James Fadiman in 1966.

One of Dr. Fadiman’s experiments, titled “psychedelic agents in problem-solving,” put 27 people with dynamically creative jobs — engineers, architects, designers, and others — to the test.

The results were impressive. Experiment participants described several productivity-boosting benefits:

  • Fewer inhibitions and fears
  • Enhanced problem-solving
  • Enhanced idea generation
  • A deeper sense of empathy
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Improved motivation
  • Increased sociability

Impressive stuff, right? Apparently the results of this study were a little too amazing, because the FDA proceeded to ban all psychedelic-related research shortly after.

Some researchers continued to utilize microdosing in their personal lives, however. Albert Hoffman microdosed for several decades straight, taking walks through the forest and brainstorming. Hoffman lived to be 102, and up until his last few years was lucid enough to give regular lectures!

Meanwhile, Dr. James Fadiman’s clinical experience with microdosing led him to create a specialised microdosing protocol for all those interested. His protocol introduced structure to the art of microdosing and encouraged people to reflect daily on their experiences. As of 2023 Dr. Fadiman’s protocol has been responsible for nearly 2,000 positive reports.

3. Microdosing techniques keep getting better

New researchers have taken the microdosing techniques of Hoffman and Dr. Fadiman one step further. One such researcher, mycology expert Paul Stamets, is convinced that mushrooms — and microdosing with them — could change the world. To date Stamets has patented more than 20 shroom-centric technologies. In this article, though, we’ll be focusing on just one of them: his unique approach to microdosing.

Known as the “Stamets Stack,” Paul’s approach combines psilocybin with two other key ingredients: Lion’s Mane mushroom and niacin. According to Paul, this special trifecta might make you kinder, smarter, and braver — all by driving what researchers call neurogenesis, or the selective growth of nerves and neurons.

Here are ideal dosages for a 75-kilo individual:

  • Psilocybin mushrooms: 0.1-0.3 grams
  • Lion’s Mane mushrooms: 5 to 20 grams*
  • Niacin: 100 to 200 milligrams

* For 1% concentration Lion’s Mane

The Stamets Stack is designed to be taken in cycles of 4 days on, 3 days off:

  • Days 1-4: Stack days
  • Days 5-7: Off days
  • Days 8-11: Stack days
  • Days 12-14: Off days

These weekly cycles are meant to be placed within larger monthly cycles:

  • Weeks 1-4: Stack weeks
  • Weeks 5-6: Rest weeks
  • Weeks 7-10: Stack weeks
  • Weeks 11-12: Rest weeks

4.Psilocybin can be ‘stacked’ with other nootropics

As you learned from the last section, psilocybin can be stacked with other plant-powered
(or shroom-centric) substances for even better effects.

We’ll focus on the other key ingredients found in the Stamets Stack for now. According to Stamets himself, stacking psilocybin with Lion’s Mane mushroom creates an entourage effect of neurogenesis. If psilocybin equals 1, niacin equals 1, and Lion’s Mane equals 1 . . . their sum total equals 5!

Let’s start with niacin, a water-soluble B vitamin also known as vitamin B3. Niacin converts food into usable energy and keeps your digestive system firing on all cylinders.

It also promotes circulatory health and neuronal development. Niacin’s ability to dilate blood vessels is what makes it such a promising pairing for psilocybin. All in all, niacin ensures that psilocybin’s benefits reach to the endpoints of your nervous system.

Niacin also ensures that your microdosing routine actually stays micro. How so? It essentially has an anti-abuse mechanism built in: more than 50mg of it can cause flushing. (Flushing entails tingling and burning of the arms, face, and neck as blood vessels become more dilated than normal.) If you’re taking a psilocybin + niacin product you probably won’t want to take more than your allotted amount of niacin!

If niacin upregulates psilocybin’s effects, then Lion’s Mane supercharges them. Lion’s Mane is a non-psychedelic mushroom known and loved for its potential health benefits. It’s been used within Traditional Chinese Medicine and other traditional medicine systems since practically the beginning of time!

Modern science has identified two especially active compounds within Lion’s Mane: erinacines and hericenones. These compounds promote the type of neurogenesis that Paul Stamets and other researchers are so excited about. Research out of Japan has found that Lion’s Mane may improve cognitive impairment, reduce dementia symptoms, and alleviate anxiety and depression. And that’s not all. Lion’s Mane may also:

  • Improve focus
  • Enhance memory
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance concentration
  • Enhance baseline mood
  • Promote healthy gut flora
  • Upregulate insulin sensitivity
  • Improve energy and work tolerance

In other good news, Paul Stamets believes that Lion’s Mane amplifies the already-amazing effects of psilocybin (and the synergy goes both ways). Here’s a more technical description of this phenomenon per a 2021 study co-authored by Stamets himself:

“[…] Both Syrian Rue and Lion’s Mane have been identified as inhibitors of monoamine oxidase (MAOI), and MAOIs have a long history of use in psychedelic admixtures such as ayahuasca where they serve to extend and enhance the effects of 5HT2a receptor agonists. In contrast, the flushing effects of niacin are suggested to facilitate psilocybin bioavailability and be prophylactic for abuse.”

5. Microdosing is tied to all sorts of health benefits

Microdosing offers those who try it an incredible variety of potential health benefits. Let’s learn more about these health benefits by diving deeper into the same 2021 study linked above.

This study pulled its data from, the world’s largest microdosing survey. “We aim to contribute to the literature on microdosing by further characterizing microdosers and microdosing practices,” study authors explained, “including a detailed assessment of combining psychedelic and non-psychedelic substances (i.e., stacking). We test differences between microdosers and controls on depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms among participants.”

Over 950 study participants were evaluated using a survey consisting of up to 123 questions — pretty comprehensive! The results? Many people who tried microdosing experienced the following benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced depression
  • A more balanced mood
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved sensory perception
  • Improved learning / memory retention
  • Improved proprioception / motor skills
  • Improved sociability, empathy, and compassion/li>

6. Microdosing may have anti-addiction properties

Considering that Canadians are drinking more than ever in the wake of the COVID pandemic, we felt that this particular benefit was exciting enough to have its own section.

In case you’re wondering, yes: microdosing might really have anti-addiction properties. Key word might.

Stamets’ study found that microdosers are less likely to use alcohol and more likely to completely abstain. The same data hints that microdosers are also less likely to use tobacco. Interestingly enough, they’re more likely to use cannabis — another substance that’s not particularly addictive.

Other studies have made similar findings. A 2016 study found that just two doses of psilocybin may provide an incredible eight-plus months of relief from alcohol cravings. [5] Experts were pretty impressed. “There’s really something going on here that has a lot of clinical potential if we can figure out how to harness it,” attests the study’s author, Dr. Michael Bogenschutz, the director of the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine.

These findings are especially impressive considering that study participants were averaging 7 drinks per day before being given psilocybin. By the end of the trial, 50% of participants had quit drinking entirely, while 80% had drastically reduced their drinking.

While earlier research chose to focus on one or two neurological mechanisms, this one was different . . . and rightfully so. Psychedelic therapy is holistic enough to have widespread effects on your brain. According to another expert, it might just be holistic enough to have widespread effects on the way you see yourself. “The mystical experience probably can resolve these [sticking points] and allow you to have a different view of yourself.”

7.People microdose mushrooms for all sorts of reasons

Why do people turn to microdosing? The reasons are just as diverse as the potential health benefits.

Stamets’ study found that people typically turn to microdosing in hopes of:

  • Enhancing their mindfulness
  • Boosting their productivity
  • Enhancing their creativity
  • Enhancing learning ability
  • Improving their mood

Motivation can vary by gender, too. Female users may be more likely to microdose to improve mood and decrease anxiety, while male users were more likely to microdose in hopes of enhancing learning.

Yet another microdosing variable? The fact that different people prefer different substances. 85% of study participants opted for psilocybin, 11% opted for LSD, and 4% opted for other psychedelics. The psilocybin group achieved higher dosage consistency.

8. Microdosing can have some [mild!] side effects

As great as microdosing is, it’s not immune to side effects. The most common side effect of microdosing is probably an accidental one: taking too much psilocybin can cause you to overshoot your optimal dosing window and transition into more psychedelic territory. In other words, the most common side effect of microdosing isn’t caused by microdosing at all!

Also keep in mind that the Stamets Stack can come with its own series of side effects. Taking more than 30-50 milligrams of niacin can lead to the infamous ‘niacin flush.’ While it’s not bad for you, niacin flush can be pretty annoying. And stick with it. More than a few microdosers report that flushing effects get progressively less intense as their body gets used to their new routine.

Another key consideration? Niacin may not be ideal for those with:

  • Gout
  • Diabetes y
  • Liver disease
  • Low blood pressure
  • Decreased kidney function

9. Microdosing could be as effective as megadosing

Last year the New York Times reported on microdosing’s growing popularity. Welcome to the future!

While their article prioritised the value of high-dose psilocybin over other dosing strategies, the truth is that any psilocybin dose can be effective. At 3 Amigos we’re advocates for staying true to what works best for you, whether that’s microdosing or macrodosing. Many people actually prefer microdosing’s slow-and-steady shifts over the instantaneous changes caused by higher doses.

Recent research supports this flexible approach. A 2021 study found that low-dose LSD could catalyze some of the same biochemical shifts as high-dose LSD, particularly when it comes to neuron growth. Considering how similarly LSD and shrooms work, it’s not unreasonable to think that shroom dosage stays true to the same concept.

10. Medical professionals are becoming more accepting of microdosing

Harvard’s health blog is covering microdosing, too. An article by pro-cannabis MD Peter Grinspoon acknowledged that studies — and health professionals — are finally starting to acknowledge its value.

“Does microdosing work? In short, the jury is still out,” Grinspoon writes. Yet he also admits that “some studies indicate a very real and significant benefit from microdosing […]” He also admits that this research “appear[s] to confirm many anecdotal reports of people who swear by the benefits they have experienced from microdosing.”

11. Different microdose blends can affect you differently

While microdosing involves a pretty narrow dosing range, don’t think you’re limited to a single type of product.

At 3 Amigos we offer a wide variety of microdose capsules. Whether you want to supercharge your focus, sex drive, or mood, we’ve probably got something for you! Below are some of the highlights.

Neuro Botanicals Brain Formula

Neuro Botanicals Brain Formula is our most popular microdosing formula. If you want to experience the power of the Stamets Stack in the simplest way possible, it’ll probably become your most popular product, too. Brain Formula features a tried-and-true trifecta of Lions Mane, niacin, and Golden Teacher mushrooms. Each capsule contains 50 milligrams of psilocybin. If you’re new to microdosing, this is a great place to begin your journey.

3 Amigos Nootropic

3 Amigos Nootropic is our take on the classic Stamets stack. In addition to the three key ingredients mentioned earlier, it contains green tea extract and ginger root. These all-natural ingredients take its nootropic qualities to a whole new level! Green tea extract simultaneously awakened and calms thanks to its L-theanine content . . . ginger improves digestion and sharpens the mind.

Each capsule contains 100mg of Golden Teacher mushrooms too, of course. If you want to start your day with better focus and productivity, Nootropic could be perfect for you.

Osmosis Focus

Osmosis Focus is a microdosing blend that combines Golden Teacher with several other nootropics. Here’s the full list:

  • Golden Teacher: 100mg
  • Lion’s Mane: 175mg
  • Vinpocetine: 10mg
  • Huperzine A: 15mg
  • Pine Bark: 100mg
  • Bacopa: 100mg
  • Choline: 75mg

As you can see, there’s a lot of good stuff going on here. Focus is specifically designed to upregulate blood flow to your brain, delivering psychedelic compounds to where they’re needed most. If you need to get up, get motivated, and take on big projects, Focus could be perfect for you! Its potential benefits include a faster reaction time, increased alertness, improved memory, and decreased mental fatigue and fog.

Osmosis Passion

Osmosis Passion is for all you lovers out there. It combines just enough psilocybin (200mg/capsule) with some of nature’s best natural aphrodisiacs, including:

  • Cordyceps
  • L-Histidine HCL
  • Tribulus Terrestris >40% Saponins
  • Horny Goat Weed >20% Icariin
  • LongJack (Tongkat Ali) 100:1

These ingredients were specifically chosen for their ability to increase libido and heighten the senses. Talk about a recipe for sexual success!


Well, there you have it! Microdosing with magic mushrooms has never been more popular in Canada. Microdosing is a tried-and-true practice that’s only becoming more science-backed. Plus it’s easier to access microdosing products than well, ever.

“I found it to have been very beneficial for my mental health,” Vancouver-based mother and content creator Shannon Chiarenza tells CBC TV. You may not feel much, she says, but “you will feel just like a calmness in the background.”

Whether you’re a parent, creator, or just someone who wants to experience a life that’s slightly brighter, consider giving microdosing a try for yourself. We think you’ll like the subtle-but-comforting shift that comes next.


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Psilocybin teas are a great way to medicate. Enjoy all your favourite tea flavours with a pilocybin, magic mushroom twist. Please wait 20 minutes for therapeutic effects to kick in.

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What is Psilocybin?

The main ingredient in magic mushrooms is psilocybin, which have chemical make-ups such as 4-phosphoryloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine. It is a category of the psychedelic household which is a renowned team of hallucinogenic drugs. The big story with Psilocybin now in 2021 however is interesting. It has actually been used for brain-related disorders, mood disorders and a variety of mental illnesses with huge success. History has shown that  long ago people considered it as a brain transforming medication. Its physical effects consist of modifying the means your brain behaves and also adapts to particular tensions and stress. There is a typical false impression that these psychedelic effects are short term. Research has shown that also after you stop using Psilocybin, the adjustments in your mind is long term and positive. One of those positive effects can be a new perspective on life, and increased empathy.

There more than 100 types of psychoactive Shrooms that have actually been categorized and recognized. Research reveals these species consist of Psilocybin, which is the psychoactive component in magic mushrooms. Some varieties of magic mushrooms include, psilocybe cubensis, coenocyte and panaeolus. These varieties of magic mushrooms do not share a common habitat yet they actually grow and also are discovered in different parts of the world.

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The term Microdosing means to take Psychedelic substances in sub-hallucinogenic dosages. This suggests that you get the benefits of using Psilocybin without visuals or tripping. This is helpful for functioning while doing day to day jobs. Study has actually revealed that microdosing Magic Mushrooms has numerous benefits such as dealing with anxiety, anxiousness, addictions and PTSD. Right Here at Organic Shroom Canada, we make it easy for you as well as take the problem out of making it yourself. The capsules that we use are made from a natural plant based product that is Gluten-free and also 100% vegan. We very carefully choose our Nootropic ingredients to make best use of the collaborating effect of the Psilocybin and Psilocin. Unlike other Microdose on the marketplace, we utilize our own unique mix of mushroom strains to take full advantage of the preferred effect. The effectiveness of our Shroom capsules are among the purest in Canada. Whether you’re Microdosing to concentrate, or curing a psychological health illness, we have the ideal formula for you. We understand that Acquiring Microdose Online can be confusing and also hard for first-timers. Although we can not give to you clinical advice, our group of professionals are right here to direct you with the procedure as well as answer any type of concerns that you may have utilizing our individual experience with Microdosing.

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